Way back in 1963, a devoted father put in long hours to provide for his family as a milkman. Thomas Malave, Sr., worked seven days a week delivering glass bottles to homes in the Queens borough of New York. Rain or shine, hail or snow. The mailman had nothing on him.

Before long, Tommy Malave, Jr. joined his father, expanding the business beyond private residences to stores and restaurants. The one-man, one-truck operation was now a two-man, two-truck enterprise.

Bartlett Dairy incorporated in 1990, and soon all five of Mr. Malave's sons became part of the family business. Michael, Kenny, Jimmy, Donald and Tommy all had the foresight to work for other dairies, gaining invaluable experience before coming together to carry on and magnify their father's dairy distribution business, which today includes more than 800 perishable and non-perishable items.

Today, with 3 locations Bartlett serves New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  With a fleet of more than 100 tractor-trailers and straight trucks, we guarantee next-day delivery on most orders. Bartlett's corporate facility is located across from New York City's only dairy processing plant to provide the freshest milk throughout the tri-state area.


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